Well aloha (it’s great because it means both hello and goodbye + it also means love, peace, compassion and more)!

I am so deeply, incredibly stoked that you are deciding to celebrate your love in Hawaii and that you chose me to capture the epic nature of your connection.

To review… 

1. You’re amazing and you completely deserve to celebrate your love in a place as gorgeous and unique as the two of you. 
2. I promise to capture you as YOU and put your comfort and experience first.
3. The photos will blow your mind.
4. The location will blow your mind.
5. The speed I deliver photos and respond to this inquiry will also blow your mind.

*Note to self: I might need to design a helmet specifically for protecting you from so much mind blowing. Patent pending…

Until then, just say aloha, fill out the forms, and tell me your love story. 

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